Sunday, November 14, 2010


Buffalo '66, directed by and starring the intoxicating Vincent Gallo, has always stayed an aesthetic staple in my mind. Shot exclusively with vintage film cameras, Gallo brought to screen an atmosphere of stark oblivion that shaped my view on art at a very young age. One key item that stayed in my mind was Billy Browns iconic bright red chelsea boots that flared off the murky backdrop of Buffalo, New York's desolate winter landscape. Thankfully, after years of interrupted thought, I stumbled across these beautiful bright red calf skin chelsea's with a two inch cuban heel by Giorgio Brutini.



  1. I have such mixed feelings towards Vincent Gallo... On the one hand he is cool, but then on the other am a bit afraid of him! But this is a great film!


  2. Thanks for your comment! I can understand your feelings haha, I've always just had a sick obsession with him:)


  3. Oh goodness yes. These boots against the total bleak, grey aesthetic. I've been obsessed with finding boots like these and making a boy i know wear them somehow.

  4. wow wow i've been quite literally searching for a pair similar to his to buy for three years and today it occurred to me to instead of googling "pointy toed red boot," I should google "vincent gallo's red boots" and lo and behold your blog pops up with an actual name for the style and a brand and now im off to spend my money and stimulate the economy huzzah!