Monday, October 25, 2010


In my history of aesthetics class, we reached the late 18th century and the romantic era, which in short, was a subversive revolt against aristocratic social and political norms that praised folk art and vintage customs as something noble. Moving away from the irrational and more towards the ideal, the movement was based on emotions, most notably love, rather than science.

It got me to thinking about this concept Ive had brewing in my head that connects these aesthetic sensibilities to my own view of fashion and life in general. Its one not concrete in physical representation, but, instead its more of an idealized view of reality (something I'm particularly guilty of), lifestyle and dress. It pulls inspiration from everything, primarily past cultural phenomena and religious imagery and uses an ethnically diverse pallet. The Nu New Romantics mirror the classic Byronic hero: a misunderstood creative being following his own inspiration and imagination rather than the virtues of the social norm.

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